Hydrocell has launched an innovative and high-quality solution for capturing CO2 contained in ambient air. Known as DAC (Direct Air Capture), this technology can be used in fossil fuel-free energy technology applications such as power to gas (P2G). The DAC unit in the VTT/LUT Soletair project is supplied by Hydrocell. This very interesting project is providing us with an important opportunity to obtain feedback about this new and unique product platform. We are happy to be part of a team featuring such high levels of talent and enthusiasm for clean energy generation.

Our Direct Air Capture unit combines Hydrocell’s two primary technologies – our high performance HCell brush-type heat exchanger and our regenerative CO2 scrubber. In essence, our innovative design is very simple – we just reversed the standard process. In applications where CO2 filtration is required, customers need to reduce CO2 levels. DAC applications, on the other hand, need pure CO2 gas without combusting fossil fuels. Capturing CO2 out of ambient air makes the technology very environmentally sound. Our novel solution can be used in the sustainable production of all types of fossil fuel-free hydrocarbons and fuels when the required primary energy and hydrogen are produced from non-fossil fuel sources such as solar and wind energy.

We also supply regenerative and non–regenerative CO2 scrubbers for use in hypoxic rooms, laboratories, demineralized water tank breathers and many other applications.

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