HC air cleaners can be a solution to all your indoor air problems

Clean, high-quality indoor air is very inportant to our well-being. The Hydrocell range of air cleaners has a solution to every indoor air quality problem. Inadequate ventilation raises carbon dioxide levels, making people feel tired and causing headaches.

Hydrocell’s technology removes excess carbon dioxide from air. They also remove all other impurities such as dust, pollen and pet dander, small particles, fungal spores and unpleasant odours.

When the quality of indoor air is improved by filtering out impurities, significant savings in both the cost of air conditioning systems and the energy they consume can be achieved.

In special situations such as population shelters, the carbon dioxide released during reactivation can be led outside using a small pipe or hose.

The chemical reactions that take place during the filtration and reactivation processes are as follows:

Amine + H 2O -> (Amine – H 2O) and then (Amine – H 2O)+CO2 -> (Amine – H2CO3)

(Amine – H2CO3)+ heat -> Amine + H 2O + CO2

The filtration material is non-poisonous and durable. It can be reactivated more than 5000 times, which corresponds to some 15 years use. The UniqFresh first-stage filter should be replaced every six months, and the HEPA filter should be replaced every five years.

The significance of clean indoor air

Clean, high-quality indoor air is of the highest importance for our health and well-being. In many problem situations, however, increasing ventilation rates is both difficult and expensive. The Hydrocell range of air cleaners offers a simple and inexpensive way of solving the problem of poor-quality indoor air.